Icon mc4
AppearancesModern Combat 4: Zero Hour
TypeSpecial Operations unit
CountryUnited States United States of America
EngagementsPage's Insurrection
ActiveIn the US during MC4

AFTER (Americas First Tactical Emergency Responders) is a security faction featured in Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour. Its purpose is to be able to quickly react on terrorist actions.


After experiencing an extensive attack by the KPR forces on US soil, the country became more alerted towards terrorism and therefore established the faction.

Notable personnelEdit

Modern Combat 4: Zero HourEdit

Phantom Unit   Unified Citizens   SGS   AFTER    
A.F.T.E.R Soldier MC4

AFTER personnel in Aftermath

They are seen in Mission 2 as security in the War Crimes Investigation Bureau and Mission 3, assisting Anderson in clearing the city of SGS soldiers.



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