Roux: Phoenix! Get to the roof.

Pilot: Golden 1, this is Golden Sky. ETA 3 minutes. Over.

Saunders: You should have walked away from it all when you had the chance. Boys shouldn't try to be men, Phoenix.

Phoenix: Thanks. I'll keep that in mind.

Saunders: Any parting words you want me to pass along to your little girl? ... Lily, is that it?

Phoenix: You son of a bitch.

Tukura: Stay cool, Phoenix. Focus. If we don't clear the roof, extraction will be impossible!

Saunders: Where do you think you're goin'?...

Tukura: Stay in cover!

Roux: Phoenix, I've secured the line with your support.

Phoenix: Golden Sky, this is Golden 1. We're facing a hostile chopper. Need you to take him down.

Pilot: Not a problem.

Phoenix: Golden Sky, what's your status?

Pilot: We're a minute out.

Saunders: Time's almost up, Phoenix. It was a valiant effort; even I can admit that. But everything's gotta end at some point.

Pilot: Enemy in sight. Let's get this party started!

The enemy helicopter flies away.

Pilot: Didn't take much to scare him off. Moving into position. Prepare for extraction!

Saunders: "Prepare for extraction, Phoenix"! Heh,heh!

Pilot: We're hit! Losing control!

Pilot: Fuck that son of a-...

Phoenix: You bastard!!! Saunders!!!

Saunders: It ends here, Phoenix.

Phoenix: Not for me.


Roux: Are you there?

Phoenix: I'm here.

Roux: Can you see the visuals I'm sending through?

Phoenix: Yeah.

Roux: Thanks to the information you secured, key Gilman operatives have been taken into custody. Once the UN realized that Gilman was behind the attack, they immediately pulled them out of Tokyo. The area has since stabilized.

Roux: Gilman’s roots run deep. The information led to leaders of key terrorist organizations in the Middle East. And it doesn't stop there. Key UN officials were also involved in Gilman's activities. They have since been arrested.

Phoenix: It sounds like a shit-fest.

Roux: It has been, but we got the bastards. They are falling one by one. And... Lily?

Phoenix: Safe. I'm with her now.

Roux: We did it, Phoenix.

Phoenix: Yeah. The king is dead. Long live the king.

Roux: You were always a pessimist. Phoenix, wait!