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> For the character, see Everett Saunders.
ChapterGilman HQ
ObjectiveExit Gilman HQ

Saunders is the last mission in the Modern Combat 5: Blackout campaign.

Plot Edit

Phoenix and Tukura reach the roof of Gilman HQ and prepare for helicopter extraction by Golden Sky. Phoenix and Tukura begin to clear the roof of Gilman forces to secure a landing zone. However, the two are attack by Everett Saunders in a GSC attack helicopter.

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Phoenix and Tukura encounter two Executioners on the roof. After they are defeated, Saunders' chopper returns for another attack, however Golden Sky fires rockets at Saunders' chopper and temporarily chases it off. Thinking the roof is now secure, Golden sky begins to initiate the extraction. However, Saunders chopper returns and shoots down Golden Sky. Phoenix retaliates by shooting at the cockpit of Saunders' chopper with his Hawk-13, casuing it to crash onto the roof. Saunders emerges from the wreck and approaches Phoenix with a Hawk-13, preparing to shoot him, however, Phoenix wrestles the pistol out of Saunders' hand, and Saunders draws a knife; Phoenix struggles with Saunders and manages stab Saunders in the throat with his own knife, killing him.

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Bonus objectives Edit

  • Exit Gilman HQ
  • Score 10 headshots
  • Don't get critically low on health

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