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> For the character, see Everett Saunders.
ChapterGilman HQ
ObjectiveKill Everett Saunders

Saunders is the last mission in the Modern Combat 5: Blackout campaign.

Plot Edit

Phoenix and Tukura have almost reached the roof of the building. They fight through the last enemies and a GSC attack helicopter flies over and fires rockets multiple times. They call in air support, which will arrive in one minute.

Warning: spoiler below. Move cursor to read the text.
Phoenix and Tukura encounter two Executioners. Once they are defeated, the two get to the landing zone. There, Everett Saunders attacks the team in his helicopter. Golden Sky fires some rockets at the enemy chopper. Thinking Saunders was scared off, Golden Sky initiates the extraction. Then, Saunders shows up and takes down Golden Sky. Phoenix shoots at the cockpit of Saunders' Apache with his Hawk-13 and the helicopter explodes. After it hit the ground, Saunders gets out and walks towards Phoenix with a Hawk-13. Phoenix slaps the pistol out of Saunders' hand, and Saunders draws a knife. However, Phoenix takes over the knife and kills Saunders with it.

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