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24: The Meeting
ObjectiveSpy on the meeting
CharacterCaydan Phoenix
FactionRoux' team
EnemyGilman Security
LocationTokyo, Japan

The Meeting is the last mission in the Ryogoku chapter in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Plot Edit

Phoenix and Hawk reach a good spot for spying on the meeting between Everett Saunders and Jonathan Taylor (Bull) They clear out the enemy snipers on the roof of the neighboring buildings before Saunders and Taylor arrive by vehicle. Taylor and Saunders get out of their vehicles and begin a conversation.

It is heard that Taylor is ordered by Saunders to organize another attack on the Summit Tokyo and have it linked to the WLA. Saunders then gives Taylor the his money and drives away. At this moment, Phoenix is ordered by Daviau to eliminate Taylor. Phoenix kills Taylor by sniper rifle, after which Taylor's remaining guards begin attacking Phoenix and Hawk. The two fight their way through the enemy soldiers while making their way back to the bottom of the construction site for chopper extraction by Golden Sky.

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Bonus objectives Edit

  • Spy on the meeting
  • Score 22 kills
  • Score 10 headshots

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