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22: Entry Point
ObjectiveAdvance towards the meeting location
CharacterCaydan Phoenix
FactionRoux' team
EnemyGilman Security
LocationTokyo, Japan
DateMay 25th
Gilman Security has been condemned by the Japanese people for its brutal tactics. In response to the criticism, the CEO of Gilman, Kirk Bancroft, stated that "peace must be maintained with an iron fist."

Headway is the second mission in the Ryogoku chapter in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.


Phoenix and Hawk arrive at the construction site area, and make their way past enemy snipers. The two enter a warehouse and dispatch enemy forces inside, and make their way further to the construction site via a sewer tunnel.

Equipment Edit


Bonus objectives Edit

  • Advance towards the meeting location
  • Score 7 headshots
  • Don't get critically low on health

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