Icon mc5
ObjectiveApproach the construction site
CharacterCaydan Phoenix
FactionRoux' team
EnemyGilman Security
LocationTokyo, Japan

Headway is the first mission in the Ryogoku chapter of Modern Combat 5: Blackout.


Phoenix and Roux intercept a transmission between Bull and Gilman Security CEO Kirk Bancroft revealing Bancroft as an alias of international terrorist Everett Saunders, and Gilman Security having masterminded the WLA attacks in Asia and Venice and theft of the chemical weapons.

The transmission reveals that Bull has been on Saunders' payroll the entire time, and is planning on meeting with Saunders at a construction site in Ryogoku, Tokyo to collect his pay. Roux sends Phoenix and Hawk to Ryogoku to spy on the meeting; Phoenix and Hawk make their way through the city streets to the construction site, while dealing with hostile Gilman Security forces patrolling the area.

Bonus objectives Edit

  • Approach the construction site
  • Score 5 explosive kills
  • 65% shot accuracy

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