Pilot: Monarch, this is Strike 3 Sky. Requesting persmission to engage. Over.

Monarch: Strike 3 Sky. Permission granted. Clear the area. Over.

Pilot: Roger that.

Pilot: Surface wiped. Clearing the tops.

Pilot: Area cleared. Over.

Bull: Entering the LZ. We got enemy contacts in the Bell Tower!

Pilot: I'm on it.

Pilot: This is Strike 4 Sky. We're comin' down.

Soldier: C'mon! Hurry up!

Bull: Phoenix! Gimme a hand!

Bull: Monarch. Transfer is complete. Package secured.

Monarch: Strike 4 Sky, bring the cargo to Zone Theta. Strike 2, clear the area and prepare for extraction. Over.

Bull: Phoenix! Get on it!

Pilot: Strike 2, this is Strike 3 Sky. We're coming in low. Stand clear.

Pilot: Securing the area!

Pilot: Preparing for another round. Tangos inbound!

Bull: Phoenix. Stay with me.

Pilot: Area clear! Stand ready for pick-up.

Bull: Phoenix, move.

The helicopter throws down a rope, but when Phoenix attaches himself, the helo is shot down.

Pilot: Mayday, Mayday! Goin' down fast!

Phoenix falls in the water, but Bull pick him up wit a boat.

Bull: I got ya.


Bull: Monarch, this is Strike 2. We're in deep shit here. We've secured the package. Call off Operation Strikezone and get these sons of bitches off our back!

Monarch: Request denied. The package needs to be fully removed from the area before we call off Operation Strikezone. Re-coordinating extraction.

Bull: You'll be extracting my corpse, goddammit!

Monarch: Await further orders. Over.

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