Bull: Alright... It's almost game time, ladies. Look alive.

Bull: E.T.A.?

Pilot: Two minutes to insertion.

Bull: Two minutes might not be enough. We need to shake these fuckers before we reach the drop zone.

Bull: Remember: as soon as we unclip, you need to get to the --

Bull: Dammit! Fucker's dead! Phoenix, on the gun, now!

Pilot: Alpha-5, this is Strike 2 Sky. We got several bogeys coming in hot; are we still a go for-- ? Jesus!

The unnamed dead soldier falls out of the helicopter. Phoenix tries to save him, but falls himself too. He holds the helo with one arm.

Bull: Grab my hand! I got ya!

Phoenix: Thanks...

Pilot: BOHICA, 9 o'clock!

Bull: Take it out!

Phoenix: Keep it steady!

Bull: Damage report!

Pilot: Not looking good. Dashboard's fried, we're bingo fuel, we can't--

Bull: Got it! Strike 2 to Monarch, do you copy?

Monarch: Strike 2, this is Monarch.

Bull: We're under fire, we've taken damage, and we're a man down. Changing drop point location to nearest possible destination and requesting support!

Bull: Monarch, do you copy? Monarch!

Monarch: Strike 2, this is Monarch. No support available. You're on your own. Over.

Bull: Fuck!!! Phoenix, change of plan. You're goin' in with me!

Phoenix: No problem. Let's just ground these bastards first!

Pilot: Another at 6 o'clock!!!

Bull: Phoenix, light 'em up! Pilot -- shake these bastards!

Pilot: This is as good as it gets. I gotta get you guys on the ground and get the hell outta here!

Bull: Right... Prepare for insertion. Phoenix, get off that thing!

Bull jumps on the ground.

Bull: Let's do this!


Bull: Monarch, this is Strike 2. We're advancing on foot. I'm sending our updated stats.

Monarch: Stats received. Advance as planned. Will send an update on the package as soon as we receive one. Over.

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