Hawk: No rest for the wicked.

Hawk: It's raining cats and drones!

Hawk: Settin' up the next one.

Phoenix: Make it fast, Hawk.

Hawk: Jammer is jammin'! One more should do the trick.

Hawk: I'll set the jammers; you start clipping wings! Keep 'em off my back! It's gonna take a while for this thing to activate!

Phoenix: You done?!

Hawk: Waiting for activation...

Hawk: Roux, jammers in place. Area secured.

Roux: Nice work. Phoenix, meet me in the safe house! Over.

At the safe house:

Roux: Phoenix... You look good for a dead man.

Phoenix: A dead man?

Roux: Yes, I hope you don't mind, but I informed our colleagues at Gilman of your unfortunate death during the strike. It should keep them off your back... and protect your daughter.

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