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Shanty Town
MC2-Shanty Town
ObjectivePrevent Pablo's escape and take him into custody so he can be brought to justice.
FactionRazor Squad
EnemyPablo al-Banni
LocationSouth America
DateDay 35
Multiplayer mapShanty Town
Razor squad is closing in on Pablo as he tries to escape in the labyrinthine village.

Shanty Town is the final mission in the campaign of Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Plot Edit

Anderson continues to chase Pablo al-Banni after the events of Palace Invasion. After brushing off some resistance, a helicopter comes up and starts opening fire at Anderson, and intel confirms that Pablo is attempting to escape on that same helicopter.

After fighting through more resistance, Anderson finds Pablo approaching the chopper which will extract him, covered by a couple of Pablo's men. Anderson shoots a gas tank that is near the helicopter, and the explosion causes the helicopter to abort Al-Banni. After even more resistance, the helicopter is overhead and aiming right at Anderson. Arming himself with an RPG-7, Anderson destroys the chopper, and continues chasing Al-Banni.

Anderson pursues Al-Banni, who appears to have jumped off a cliff, only for a helicopter to come soaring above the cliffside, with Al-Banni on it. Anderson jumps for the helicopter, catching on to its landing skids. Anderson hoists himself up and Pablo pulls out a pistol, however, Anderson pulls the pistol away from him and Pablo fires, hitting the pilot. The helicopter starts spinning uncontrollably in the air, crashing onto the ground. After the helicopter crashes, a wounded Anderson sees a grenade right beside him, but as soon as he tries to reach it, Al-Banni swings at Anderson, but Anderson pushes him off himself, grabs the grenade, pulls the pin, and shoves the grenade in Al-Banni's mouth. The grenade explodes, killing Al-Banni and further wounding Anderson. He is then extracted.


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