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Palace Invasion
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ObjectiveInfiltrate Pablo al-Banni's mansion and locate the man himself.
FactionRazor Squad
EnemyPablo al-Banni
LocationPablo's private villa, South America
DateDay 35
The Mustangs have returned, providing Razor squad with Pablo's location. Pablo is the one who took control of Abu Bahaa's organization. His villa has been under attack and guards are alert.

Palace Invasion is the eleventh mission in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.


After Downs and Newman are rescued in The Great Escape 2, they report everything they've managed to learn about Pablo al-Banni, including his location at a seaside villa in South America. Razor Squad is ordered to capture him.

Anderson and Rollins insert by the docks at the rear of the villa, while McCarthy and Starks insert near the main entrance. Anderson and Rollins make their way through some hedges, silently taking out guards, before arriving at an entrance by a pool. They are attacked, and soon afterward the guards finally sound the alarm. The squad continues through the mansion.

Anderson and Rollins finish clearing the west wing of the mansion, and continue with the east wing. Soon, they come across the Translator, who reveals that Pablo left just minutes ago. While Rollins stays behind with the Translator, Anderson follows Pablo's path into the city. As he enters an elevator, gunfire and a grenade can be heard from the room where Rollins is holding the Translator. Rollins runs out, yells at Anderson to take cover, and just as the elevator doors close, a massive explosion rips apart half of the east wing. Rollins can be seen trying to escape, but is caught in the explosion, and his body is seen tossed in the air and hitting the floor. McCarthy soon confirms his death, and that there is no sign of the Translator. However, Anderson is ordered to continue with the mission, so he resumes following Pablo.


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