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The Great Escape Pt. 2
File:MC2-The Great Escape Pt. 2.png
ObjectiveContact your superior officers to confirm the LZ for your evac.
FactionMustang Squad
EnemyPablo's prison guards
LocationSouth American prison
DateDay 33
Members of the Mustangs are trying to escape Pablo's compound after being held captive for weeks.

The Great Escape Pt. 2 is the tenth mission in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Plot Edit

Downs and Newman try to escape Pablo's prison. The mission begins already out of their cells and carrying Beretta M9's. They begin moving through the prison, taking out guards and guard towers on the way.

Eventually they run into the guards' camp, and find a radio. Downs uses it to call for help, and an LZ for air evacuation is arranged. Once there, they come under heavy attack, and are forced to find another LZ.

Near the second LZ, Starks asks for a briefing on everything they've learned about Pablo. Finally, they reach the evacuation helicopter.

Equipment Edit

Initial equipment


Mustang Squad


Name Criteria
24 Carats Obtain the hidden AK47 Gold.

Trivia Edit

  • This mission has the most obtainable weapons in the game, which is ironic because it begins fresh from prison with nothing but a Beretta M9.
  • If the player dies or quit the mission between the first and second checkpoint, the enemies will be equipped with S1 Custom instead of AK47.

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