Cpl. Washington: Found a path leading directly to the village. Let's move.

Cpl. Washington: This guy, Page. Used to be special forces. Got captured by Al-Akrab terrorists. He took out the guards, but instead of escaping, he joined them.

Cpl. Washington: Started calling himself The Zealot. Called America an imperialist hegemony. Says he'd rather die as a terrorist than live as an accomplice.

Pilot Oh, fuck me -- We're hit! Going down!

Intel: Bravo 1, Hawk 2 is down. Move in and secure any survivors.

Sgt. Downs: This is Downs. Moving in now.

Cpl. Washington: We'll link up with downs at the crash site.

Sgt. Downs: Hang on, Carter. We're almost there.

WO1 Anderson: We're pinned! Can't reach Carter's position!

Sgt. Downs: They,re fucking swarming us! We need support!

Cpl. Washington: This is Washington. Walker and I are inbound.

Cpl. Washington: The area is clear. Let's enter the village.

Sgt. Downs: Carter! Move, God dammit!

Sgt. Downs: Washington, Walker! We need fireteam support!

Cpl. Washington: Area clear.

Intel: We got anti-aircraft batteries near your position.

Sgt. Downs: Copy. We'll take them out. Walker, Washington, take out those AA batteries. Anderson and I will check the crash for survivors.

WO1 Anderson: Good luck!

Walker and Washington encounter an APC.

Cpl. Washington: Hostiles on the far side of the bridge.

Cpl. Washington: Can't even return fire! We need to flank them!

Cpl. Washington: Go take out the AV.

Cpl. Washington: Nice work. Come on, we,re getting close to the anti-aircraft guns.

Cpl. Washington: There's the AA. Rig a C4 charge on it.

Walker demolishes the AA.

Cpl. Washington: This is Washington. We've taken out the anti-aircraft battery.

Intel: Copy that. Hawk 2, you're cleared to destroy the final tower.

Hawk Leader: Copy. Walker, Washington, watch for shrapnel.

An attack helicopter comes in and destroys the tower.

Cpl. Washington: Walker, it's time to get back to our primary objective: capturing Edward Page.

Sgt. Downs: Gamma 2, no survivors at the crash site.

Intel: Copy. Locate and secure Edward Page.

Sgt. Downs: Roger that.

Cpl. Washington: Walker, take the lead.

Cpl. Brooks: Can't get a shot.

Cpl. Washington: Give me a sitrep.

Pvt. Baldwin: We're pinned down. Got a sniper on the top floor of that tower.

Cpl. Washington: Hawk 2, this is Washington. We've got Rangers pinned down by sniper fire. Requesting air support.

Hawk Leader: Acknowledged. Air support inbound.

Cpl. Washington: Walker, we need to confirm the kill on that sniper, or take him out.

Cpl. Washington: Gamma 2, do we have any update on Page's location?

Intel: Negative.

Cpl. Washington: Just hope that he wasn't our sniper. Need him alive.

Washington and Walker go search for Page

Cpl. Washington: Damn.

Cpl. Washington: General Butler's book on war. Page was obsessed with it. So where the hell--

Cpl. Washington: (yells in pain)

Page: I suppose you were looking for me?

Cpl. Washington: Find that bastard.

Cpl. Washington: I'm hit. But we found Page. Walker's closing in on him.

Sgt. Downs: Copy that. Where are you?


Cpl. Washington: Walker. Page is going to be scanning the area, looking for you. Stay out of sight.

Walker reaches Page


Page: You imperialist bastard--

Page attacks Walker

Page: This is for COINTELPRO, for Operation Paperclip, for MKULTRA--

The rest of Phantom Unit arrives and saves Walker

Sgt. Downs: Walker, you're still with us?

WO1 Anderson: Talk, you son of a bitch!

Page: There's no point keeping it a secret. You're too late.

Page: Tong is planning a second wave of attacks on the American Empire. The campaign is being coordinated from Pangun Airfield, in North Korea.

Page: Your nation will now pay for all the atrocities committed in the name--

Sgt. Downs: Shut your cake-hole, you terrorist freak.

Sgt. Downs: Gamma Two, this is sergeant Downs. We've secured Page, and we have a location on general Tong. Sending the intel to you now.

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