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To the Summit Pt. 2
File:MC2-To the Summit Pt. 2.png
ObjectiveDescend into the bowels of the bunker to locate him.
FactionMustang Squad
EnemyDobrynya Popovich
LocationPopovich's bunker, Eastern Europe
DateDay 9
Popovich is hiding deep inside his cold war-era bunker. As an associate of Abu Bahaa, he is an enemy to freedom.

To the Summit Pt. 2 is the ninth mission in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.

Plot Edit

Having broken through the outer defenses of Popovich's bunker, Newman and Downs attempt to find him inside while the main battle continues outside. They don't make it far before a locked door prevents further progress. While Downs works on opening it, Newman clears out enemy soldiers in the surrounding rooms. Once the door is opened, they begin searching and clearing the bunker room by room. Eventually, the path divides and they split up.

Downs reaches the control room and after viewing surveillance footage, finds Popovich in the war room, three floors down from Newman's position. Downs attempts to send Newman down in an elevator; however, he accidentally sends him just one floor down. Finally, Newman reaches Popovich, but just before he can capture him, the ceiling collapses and he escapes. At the same time, Downs comes under attack in the control room, and Newman is ordered to save Downs instead of chase Popovich.

Afterward, Downs spots Popovich attempting to escape on a submarine. Turner orders Downs to keep him inside the facility while Newman catches up to him.

Newman reaches Popovich's submarine and disables it with an RPG-7 and C4. Downs arrives, and they capture Popovich. However, both turn away from him while discussing their exit strategy with Turner, and he draws a gun. Several enemy soldiers arrive, and so Down and Newman are forced to drop their weapons and surrender. Popovich then reveals his boss, Pablo al-Banni.

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Initial equipment

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