Tukura: Phoenix... Stay with me... ... C'mon... I got you... Fuck! Keep firing!

Phoenix: Where's Andrews?

Tukura: He's still in the-- ...fuck. Clear the area!

Phoenix: What now?

Tukura: We have to move. Stay close. Come on!

Phoenix: What's with the drones?

Tukura: Because of the lockdown, everyone in concidered a hostile. Gilman are in charge of street security.

Tukura: Throwing smoke!

Tukura: Let's move!

Tukura: They're roping in.

Tukura: Stay close... I promised Roux I would bring you back alive.

Tukura: Drones! Take 'em down!

Tukura: OK... Let's keep moving, kid. C'mon.


Phoenix: Roux? ... Are you there?

Roux: Phoenix! What happened? Are you OK?

Phoenix: We crashed. I'm... I'm fine. Andrews's dead. Me and Tukura are on our way. He seems to know where he's going. Over.

Roux: Wait! Phoenix, what do you know about Everett Saunders?

Phoenix: Been doing some homework? Saunders was a terrorist with multiple ties. Presumed dead after a drone strike, but... I never bought that bit.

Roux: What's his connection to Gilman's CEO?

Phoenix: No idea. No one knows much about Bancroft.; he's secretive as hell. But look into Bull's background, a.k.a. Jonathan Taylor. He's got an interesting past.

Roux: Yes, as an arms dealer. Former U.S. Special Forces, suspected of supplying American weaponry to Hezbollah. Never enough evidence to prosecute.

Phoenix: You have been digging... So, why do you bring up Saunders?

Roux: Just get here as fast as you can. Over.

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