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The Storm
ObjectiveAdvance towards the safe house
FactionGilman Security
LocationDowntown Tokyo
In the midst of increasing national unrest, Tokyo's citizens are being rapidly evacuated as criminal gangs wreak havoc on the streets. A strict curfew has been put in place and the city is officially on lockdown.

The Storm is a mission in Modern Combat 5: Blackout.

Plot Edit

Phoenix, Tukura and Andrews's armoured car is hit by a Raider RPG. Tukura drags Phoenix away from the vehicle. Andrews is still in the car when it explodes and is killed.

Tukura and Phoenix continue through the city on foot while fighting the attacking Raiders.

Hover Drones from Gilman Security fly over which have been ordered to fire on anyone in the area due to a curfew put in place. Eventually the two are attacked by the drones, and they take them down before advancing through the city.

Characters Edit

Bonus objectives Edit

  • Advance towards the safe house
  • Score 6 headshots
  • Score 3 multi-kills

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