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Tracking the Supplier Pt. 2
ObjectiveDestroy the weapon cache and take Nikitich alive. He could have more info about Abu Bahaa's associates.
FactionMustang Squad
EnemyNikitich's army
LocationEastern Europe
DateDay 7
The Mustangs have reached the power plant and Nikitich is cornered.

Tracking the Supplier Pt. 2 is the seventh mission in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.


Newman finds his way into Nikitich's compound, and must plant a tracking device on the weapons cache inside the facility. On the way to the cache, he runs into fierce resistance, and eventually plants the tracking device on the weapons cache. After planting the tracking device, the Air Force now knows where the base is located, and Newman has little time before the Air Force strikes the base. After successfully getting out of the base, he regroups with Downs, who split up to find Nikitich. After fighting the last of the facility's security, Newman wanders into a lot filled with old Soviet-era tanks, unaware that Nikitich is hiding in one of them. Picking up an RPG-7, he fights off Nikitich and his guards and eventually takes down the guards and disables Nikitich's tank, and Nikitich is taken into custody, revealing the location of one of his associates, Dobrynya Popovich.

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