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Critical Path
MC4-Critical Path
ObjectiveKeep Phantom Unit alive while chasing Saunders
FactionUnited States Army
DateAugust 20, 2037 [1]

Critical Path is the 7th mission in Modern Combat: Zero Hour. The player controls the weapons of a Hover Drone. It is the only mission in which Carter is a playable character.


After Everett Saunders escapes in the previous mission "Manhunt", Joel Blake follows him and has to face alot of SGS Soldiers.Carter is sent in by Knight in-order to clear path for Blake by shooting down all hostiles except Everett Saunders.James Walker is sent in to help Blake, along with Magnus Downs and other soldiers.Carter is ordered to destroy all enemy vehicles, which include a Helicopter and a Tank, clearing path for the soldiers.Blake and the others continue to follow Saunders into a building in the Mission "Terminus" with the same objective of arresting Saunders.

Trivia Edit

  • Although the player is Carter, it's Carter who warns you when shooting too close to Saunders (with sentences like: "Watch your fire! We need Saunders alive!").
  • This mission and Sacrifice are the only mission in the series where the player can cause friendly fire.

Video WalkthroughEdit

Modern Combat 4 Mission 7 on iPad 411:29

Modern Combat 4 Mission 7 on iPad 4

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