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Tracking the Supplier Pt. 1
ObjectiveMake your way through the forest, past the guards, to Nikitich's hideout.
FactionMustang Squad
EnemyNikitich's army
LocationEastern Europe
DateDay 7
According to Ghazi's interrogation, Nikitich is hiding in an Eastern Europe mountain range. His connection to Abu Bahaa means trouble.

Tracking the Supplier Pt. 1 is the sixth mission in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.


This mission takes place at the start of Operation Troika. Mustang Squad has to find and capture Nikitich.

Newman inserts into a cold, snowy forest. Turner reminds the team to keep as silent as possible until they trigger an avalanche on top of enemy forces. While Magnus Downs works on setting the charges, Newman proceeds through the forest, taking out enemies on the way, to a cabin where the trigger for the explosives is located.

As Downs finishes preparing the explosives, Newman reaches the cabin. He detonates the charges, triggering the avalanche on the enemy camp below. Turner instructs Newman to place a GPS tracking unit in Nikitich's warehouse to mark it for a bomb run, while Downs and Chen are ordered to take up positions inside the power plant.

Newman takes out the few survivors of the avalanche and proceeds. Near the edge of the abandoned village he is shelled by a single mortar unit, who he kills. Afterwards, a weakened roof collapses from under him, but he is uninjured and continues..

As Newman proceeds through the village, he comes across additional enemies, a second mortar, and several turrets. After taking them all out, he finally reaches the entrance to Nikitich's power plant.

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