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Embassy Assault
ObjectiveNeutralize the terrorist threat and rescue all hostages.
FactionRazor Squad
EnemyAbu Bahaa's Army
LocationMiddle East
DateDay 4
An American embassy in the Middle Easy has been infiltrated by terrorists who are holding our citizens as hostages.

Embassy Assault is the fifth mission in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.


After bringing Azimi to the United States embassy, the embassy is under attack by terrorists. The team has to secure Azimi and clear the area.

Razor Squad inserts in front of the embassy by helicopter, and clear out the enemies guarding the entrance. The squad splits up to cover more ground; Anderson and McCarthy head to the east wing, while Rollins and Starks go to the west wing.

Both groups move through the embassy, clearing rooms of enemies along the way. Anderson and McCarthy clear one room containing an embassy worker held hostage, who reveals that there are others in the panic room. While McCarthy guards the former hostage, Anderson moves to the panic room to check for more. However, it is only occupied by enemies. Once cleared, McCarthy moves his hostage there, while Anderson meets Starks in the west wing. Together, they clear another room of enemies, and rescue more hostages. While Starks remains with the former hostages, Anderson moves outside, and clears a courtyard of enemies. Rollins and McCarthy then bust through the gates in a Humvee. Rollins and Anderson team up to clear several rooms, rescuing more hostages. Rollins stays behind while Anderson continues on.

McCarthy asks Anderson to help him clear a room of enemies from the distance with an M40A3. After doing so, they are attacked by several groups of enemies, which Anderson helps clear. Afterward, he and Rollins resume clearing rooms until they finally find Azimi. However, Starks comes under attack back in the panic room, so Anderson moves to help him while Rollins stays behind to guard Azimi.

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After Anderson leaves, Azimi pulls a gun on Rollins. The two are heard talking after Rollins manages to turn on his radio transmitter secretly, and he mentions that they are walking to the embassy garden. Azimi reveals that he is a terrorist, and was once under the leadership of Abu Bahaa. After that comment, he realizes Rollins' radio is on, and shuts it off. Anderson heads to the garden.

Once at the garden, Anderson spots Azimi on top of a circular structure held up with pillars. He places and detonates C4 on five of them, which topples the structure. The rest of Razor Squad arrives, Azimi is arrested, and Rollins is rescued.

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