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05: Death on Wheels

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05: Death on Wheels
LocationUnidentified Middle Eastern city

Death on Wheels is the fifth mission of Modern Combat: Sandstorm. In this level, Lieutenant Warrens and his squad attempt to flee the city after escaping from the Palace.



Warrens and his squad have escaped the Palace in a Humvee, but must fight their way out of the city. Resistance is higher than ever, so it won't be easy.


This level is one of two missions that put the player in the gunner's seat of a Humvee, and is basically an on-rails shooter.

Since the player cannot control the Humvee, there is no real way to outline a walkthrough. Simply kill any enemies that pop out faster than they can kill Lieutenant Warrens. The Turret features generous amounts of aim assist. Shoot at the round silver IEDs on the ground when they appear later in the level, and simply follow instructions.


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