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To the Embassy Pt. 2
ObjectiveRide with the convoy and protect them as they travel through enemy territory.
FactionRazor Squad
EnemyAbu Bahaa's Army
LocationMiddle East
DateDay 2
While the situation in town was bad, outside is worse. Azimi needs to safely reach the American embassy.

To the Embassy Pt. 2 is the fourth mission in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.


Razor Squad continues to drive Azimi to the United States embassy in a Humvee, with Anderson manning the turret. They have left the inner city and now travel though the outskirts. Their progress is hindered by heavy resistance from pockets of enemies along the road, and a helicopter, which forces them to take a detour leading straight into an enemy camp. Rollins jumps out to grab ammunition for the RPG, and they leave the camp. They finally make it out to a highway, but the helicopter returns. Anderson destroys it with the RPG. Soon afterward, they arrive in a friendly area, and Azimi thanks them.


Razor Squad


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