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To the Embassy Pt. 1
FactionRazor Squad, United States Army
EnemyAbu Bahaa's Army
LocationMiddle East
DateDay 2
The United States has an interest in an upcoming Middle Eastern election. The candidate they support must be protected

To the Embassy Pt. 1 is the third mission in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.


Due to United States interest in an upcoming Middle Eastern election, Razor Squad is ordered to drive the candidate Azimi to the United States embassy in a humvee. Amidst mortar fire, Azimi is initially unwilling to leave the building and travel, fearing for his life, but is eventually convinced. Anderson is on foot and is instructed to protect the vehicle.

Along the way they encounter many enemies, and the occasional roadblock, all of which Anderson eliminates. At one point a tank breaks through a wall and moves on the vehicle, but fails to fire before Anderson blows it up with an RPGs.

After driving through the streets, they enter a courtyard, and encounter numerous enemies and another tank. There are RPGs and sniper rifles on a roof which can be used to defend the vehicle. Once all enemies are eliminated, Rollins decides he could attach the tank's Turret to the Humvee, which is used in the next mission.

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Initial equipment


Razor Squad


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