MC4-Unified Terror

Terrorist: I worked with him before. Down in Mexico, getting KPR troops over the border. Wiped out a dozen towns in south Texas. No survivors.

Second terrorist: Listen. I've been with him since South Africa. Right after he left Special Forces. America's corrupt government will fall. End of story.

Reporter: According to Russian news reports, the nation's drone network in Moldova has been taken over by an unknown group. These drones have attacked Moscow and other cities, with Kh-31 missiles inflicting horrific casualties among civilian populations.

Terrorist: The plan is under way. Time to get started here.

Second terrorist: Let's move.

-->The van doors open, and Edward Page, Saunders, and the two terrorists step out

Page: They boast of shock and awe. They inflict fear on their enemies. We will now return the favour.

-->Page drops his cigarette and crushes it

Terrorist: Good plan. This should keep the jackbooted military thugs busy. A bit of pyrotechnics. Boom.

Other terrorist: This bomb consists of a thickened pyrophoric agent. Sticks to any surface, burns at around 1,200 Celsius. Basement team gets the largest charge.

Terrorist: Hey, civilian with the nice watch, Saunders. Are you getting all of this? If you want, I can translate.

Saunders: You can go fuck yourself. I'm a Green Beret. I was slitting throats while you were watching cartoons.

Page: Three teams at three locations: underground garage, 15th floor, and Saunders and I will take the top floor.

Saunders: I still don't know what I'm doing here. Your men know how to set up the bomb. I'm a legitimate businessman.

Page: Shut the fuck up. I know what you are. Remember people. This is a unified action against the hegemony. They are at their weakest when faced with blood and carnage. Direct action is now authorised. Move to target location. Rig charges. Await signal.

-->Doors to the building open

Terrorist: Moving in. Advancing on target.

Page: This is the night where everything changes. We have ten minutes. Walk away with blood on your hands. Go.

Terrorist: Heading to the 15th floor via the service elevator.

Saunders: God forgive me. I sure as hell won't forgive you, Page. Your twisted plan will get us killed. You're insane.

Page: Forgiveness is not relevant to our mission, Saunders.


-->Page walks out into the main hall, and a US soldier takes aim at him

US Soldier: Get down! Let me see your hands!

Page: Okay, relax.

--> Security guard approaches Page, and Page swings at him and takes him out, pulls out his Black Mamba, and shoots the other guard

Saunders: This isn't going to work.

Guard: Taking heavy fire! We need reinforcements!

Page: Their guts spool out behind them like so much confetti.

Page: Another jackbooted thug laid to rest.

They move out into the main hall

Guard: (either)

  1. It's Page! That guy, it's Edward Page! Take him out!
  2. I repeat, we need backup! Edward Page is attacking the WCI!

Saunders: They know who you are! We should abort the mission!

Page: Tremble, you weaklings. Now you fall, just like the leaders of your corrupt nation.

Page: (either)

  1. Try taking the safety off, idiot.
  2. Dog meat.

--> Saunders and Page finish off the rest of the guards in the main hall

Page: This is Zealot. The lobby is clear. Moving to top floor.

Page: Once, they disemboweled men for treason. I believe the punishment should fit the crime. Come on. Let these traitors rot in peace.

-->Saunders and Page head into the elevator


Saunders: Page, wasn't Russia enough? When do you stop?

Page: When I stand atop the ashes of this empire.

Saunders: You've gone too far. You've lost it, Page.

//Page holds Saunders against the elevator wall

Page: I've never trusted you. But now you're like me. A terrorist. You try to help the government, and they'll execute you.

Saunders: You're insane.

Page: You're an enemy of the state. You've got no choice but to follow my orders. Or I show up at Amy's 11th birthday party with a blowtorch.

Saunders: No-

-->Elevator door opens, and Page grabs a guard's neck, twists it, and shoots the other guards

Page: Bastards! Die like the coward you are.

-->Page approaches a guard, and guard raises his shotgun. however, Page snatches it and shoots another guard

Page: That's better than you deserve.

Saunders: Do you even have a plan for getting out of here?

Page: Saunders, I need you to cover me while I upload something from a terminal.

Saunders: What the hell for? We're here to blow up a building.

Page: Might as well acquire codes for the American drone network.

Saunders: You're not thinking clearly. The codes are encrypted. You're never going to extract the codes!

Page: Shut up and just cover me; let me worry about the rest.

Page: Another group of victims.

-->Page heads over to the monitor and starts extracting the codes


Page: Cover me, you swine.

-->Page finishes extracting the codes

Saunders: We need to get moving before more guards show up.

Page: It's not a concern.

-->Saunders rounds a corner, and a guard starts combating him

Page: Fucking kill him, Saunders!

-->Saunders kills the guard, and they head around the corner and encounter more hostiles

Page: Technology. Made with coltan. Torn from the Earth by slaves from the other side of the planet, so that some soccer mom can update her status.

Terrorist: Zealot, Dagger One. Objective complete.

Other terrorist: Dagger Two to Zealot. Explosive rigged.

Page: Copy that, all Dagger teams. Zealot and Saunders are mobile inside the wire.

-->They move up into the room where they are supposed to plant the bomb

Page: Saunders, move to the mainframe and plant the bomb. I'm going to activate the server.

Saunders: I'm going to jack in a wireless signal detector. If they send in a remote unit to disarm, the bomb goes off immediately.

Page: Huh. You think I'm crazy. Ask yourself, do their screams satisfy you?

-->Saunders starts planting the bomb

Saunders: Are you going to cover me at some point? Take them out, dammit!

Saunders: I'm taking fire! Eliminate the hostiles! Take them down! I need to focus!

Pilot: Zealot, this is Bellpoint. Helo is in position. Ready for extraction.

Page: Saunders, are you finished?

Saunders: Hang on, just... Yes, finished. We need to move!

Page: Bellpoint, we're inbound. Maintain position and altitude.

Pilot: Affirmative.

Saunders: We need to move! Let's get out of here!

Page: (sometimes) A futile gesture.

Saunders: You're losing your grasp on reality, Page.

Page: You had a backbone once. I saw you kill people. But your family has castrated you.

Saunders: Page, you maniac, hurry!

Page: Sad to see so much potential, so misguided.

Saunders: We need to move!

Page: Fall down, fall down all around me.

-->Page and Saunders move into the extraction point where the elevator had taken them earlier

Page: Three hundred million parasites, gorged like plump ticks on oil, beef, and high-fructose corn syrup. But they'll say I'm the monster.

Page: Another dead pig.


Saunders: Move now! We have to go!

-->The ropes from the helicopter smash through the ceiling, and they grab on as the bomb starts exploding

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