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Oil Slick
ObjectiveClear each floor of any enemy presence. Locate information about Abu Bahaa's associates.
FactionDelta Squad
EnemyKhalis Ghazi
LocationOil rig R-32, Indian Ocean
DateDay 1
After Operation Sandstorm, Chief took out Abu Bahaa. For Operation Black Pegasus he's cleaning up, going after Bahaa's partners. Ghazi is on an abandoned oil rig and may be the key to finding the others.

Oil Slick is the second mission in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus.


After receiving a promotion to Lieutenant, "Chief" Warrens continues the fight against the terrorist organization previously led by Abu Bahaa, this time by hunting after Bahaa's partners. Warrens is joined by Sergeant Lewis, Private O'Neil and Private Barklon.

At the beginning of the mission, the group is heading towards an oil rig controlled by Khalis Ghazi because of suspicions of a weapons cache and a tie to Abu Bahaa. They approach via zodiac and drop off Warrens, but are attacked by an enemy patrol boat, forcing the rest of the group to flee.

Warrens fights his way up the rig solo, occasionally assisting his squadmates, and escaping from booby traps set on the rig. Eventually, Warrens and Lewis capture Ghazi and fight off enemy patrol boats to secure an extraction zone. When demands to know who was paying for Ghazi's oil rig operatoin, he balked, refusing to reveal anything until in a secure location, fearing reprisal from "those guys", who turned out to be his boss Nikitich.

After the events on Ghazi's oil platform, Warrens is never heard from again, but is presumed to be alive.


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Delta Squad

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