Phoenix: Three weeks ago, the World Liberation Army launched a cyber attack on several Asian networks.

Roux: Do you think I've been living under a rock? Every world leader's here for the emergency summit on cyber-security. But what does this have to do with the terrorist attack on Venice last month?

Phoenix: The World Liberation Army's attack on Venice was a cover-up, Roux. You gotta believe me!

Roux: Your signature is right here, Phoenix. "Infiltration of Venice commenced at thirteen hundred hours..."

Phoenix: The mission report from Venice is fake. That's what I'm telling you! The whole goddamn thing was a lie!

The flashback begins and the mission starts

Phoenix: Lights up!

Bull: Strike 2 to Monarch. We're in. Activate tracking.

Monarch: Roger that, Strike 2. Tracking activated. Good luck out there. Over.

Bull: Solid copy. Strike 2 out.

Bull: Through here; watch the edge. Careful.

Bull: Contact. Take'em out. On your go.

Bull: On me! Move into cover!

Bull: Take him out!

Bull: Strike 2 to Monarch. Target eliminated. Confirm extraction location. Out.

Bull: Hold up. C'mon.

Phoenix: Let's go!

Bull: Thanks.

Bull: Contact!

Monarch: Strike 2, this is Monarch. Advance to extraction point B. Over.

Bull: You heard'em. C'mon!

Bull: Take'em out!

Bull: That's our ride outta here.

Bull and Phoenix kill the remaining hostiles

Bull: Get in the goddamn boat!

The two jump in the boat.

Bull: Let's get outta here.

Phoenix: We've got company!

Phoenix: Keep on firin'!

Phoenix: Shit! Chopper!

Phoenix: More incoming!

Bull: Keep'em off us! Hang on!

Phoenix: Fuck!

Bull: Keep firing, goddamn it!

Phoenix: I think we're in the clear! ... Oh shit, hit it!!!

Monarch: Strike 2, backup is on the way. Hold tight. Over.

Bull: Hold tight? I need immediate backup!

Phoenix: They're all over us!

Bull: Strike 2 to Monarch. We need backup, NOW!

Phoenix: They're falling back! We're in the clear.

The flashback ends and the cutscene moves to Phoenix and Roux having a secret meeting in Gilman HQ, Tokyo


Phoenix: Listen to me, Roux. Venice. Did not. Go down like that. Gilman is… They're trying to erase their involvement.

Roux: What involvement? What are you talking about?

Phoenix: They planned it all. I've-- I've dug around. I've… connected the dots. It's, it's-- I can see it now, they-- Gilman was behind the whole thing.

Roux: Ah. So… the world's biggest private security contractor is, um… what? …A front for the World Liberation Army? This is what you're telling me? We have been working for terrorists?

Phoenix: I need your help, Roux. You're the only one I can trust. They know I've been asking questions.

Roux: Mm-hm… And the mission report, why did you sign it?

Phoenix: They made me when I got back to Tokyo, my-- …Lily, my daughter… They threatened to hurt her.

Roux: Have you spoken to anyone else about this bullshit? Because I think you have to-- …Wait… What the… FUCK! GET DOWN!!!

The cutscene ends, and the mission is over, but further talking occurs on the main menu.


Roux: Tukura, are you en route?

Tukura: We're on the way.

Roux: The area has been attacked, we need to get him out of there. Bring him back alive!

Tukura: I'm on it. Over.

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