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The Great Escape Pt. 1
ObjectiveFind arms and escape as quickly as possible.
FactionUnited States Army
EnemyPablo al-Banni's prison guards
DateDay 33
Operation Troika was compromised and all members of the platoon were either captured or killed. Held for two weeks, the location of the survivors is unknown.

The Great Escape Pt. 1 is the first mission in Modern Combat 2: Black Pegasus. It follows Private Newman and Private Downs attempting to escape from captivity.


A soldier, Newman, wakes up to find himself captive in a room, with the Translator and Pablo al-Banni attempting to interrogate him, but after receiving no response Pablo knocks him unconscious with an AK47. Some time later, he is awakened by his ally, Private Downs, who unties him. They both sprint out of the interrogation room into the jungle, where Downs throws a prison guard off a cliff, which provides Newman with his NX8 Handgun. Newman shoots at a few explosive barrels, destroying a wall that had enemies on the other side. After taking out several of them, they acquire AK47s for themselves. They shoot at a single soldier, who is standing near barrels which destroys yet another wall. They fight their way through squads of enemies, and pass through a minefield. As they make their way out of the minefield, Newman destroys a guard tower, and dodges the flying debris.

The two make their way into a compound, and fend off against an armored attack vehicle. Newman grabs an RPG-7 and destroys the truck. On their way out, Downs busts down a door, and almost falls off a cliff, though Newman is able to rescue him. Downs and Newman continue through the prison, taking down more enemies and guard towers on the way. They are ambushed in one of the prisons halls, causing Newman to drop his rifle, and have a standoff with numerous enemies. A grenade detonates in the hall, ending the firefight and the mission.

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Initial equipment



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  • This mission also serves as a tutorial.
  • Regardless of what weapons he has, Newman will always pull out an NX8 Handgun during the standoff at the end of the mission.

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