[Gameloft Presents]

[A Gameloft Montreal Production]

[Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour]

The Mission begins with Drones flying over small islands into the scene of a naval battle as missiles fly through the air and destroy several, and water erupts around them. The scene then shifts to Walker commanding a four-man squad, as Blake puts down a touch pad.

Walker: Soldiers, today we fight mercenaries that have state-of-the-art weapons. They have been trained by an elite military, and most critical, they want your blood on their hands.

Walker: Like countless men before us, we invade a beach in the name of war. This is a new age of combat.

As Walker states this, several aircraft fly overhead, and scenes of soldiers storming the beach are shown.

Walker: Today, we need to protect our land and our people, for liberty.

Walker: It won't be easy, but I expect you to achieve your objectives. Men, don't let your guard down.

Blake finishes using a touch pad, as Walker directs the other soldiers on their strategy.

Walker: Blake, you're with me. Stay close.

The drawbridge on their hovercraft lowers.

Walker: Ready in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Move!

The squad storms the beach, as several explosions go off around them, and rounds zip past Blake.

Walker: Blake, we need to move up the beach and secure it. Clear a path for the reinforcements.

Walker: Identify and neutralize tangos. Let's go!

The group returns fire towards enemy soldiers.

Walker: Follow me!

(When Walker is in front of Blake, he sneakily ambushes a lone soldier, and throws him over the balcony.

Walker: *grunt* ...Adios.)

Walker: Blake, take them out!

Walker: Ready? Form on me!

Walker: Move it! Move it!

Walker: Let's go!

Knight: Walker, this is Knight. Hostiles have fortified their position, and our forces can't push through.

Knight: Delta Team was holding out for reinforcements, but hostiles have ambushed the area.

Walker: Delta Team is pinned down, about half a klick from here. Let's move.

Walker: Area clear. Advance.

Walker: Blake, take them out!

Walker: Keep moving. We need to reach Delta Team.

US Soldier: Sir, Delta Team is pinned, but the area ahead is swarming with hostiles.

Walker: Blake, use the remote to deploy the drone. Secure this area so we can advance.

Walker: Lost the drone, but you cleared the path. Good work; let's move in. Watch my back.

Knight: Walker, we've got new intel. A diplomat was able to make a call from inside the conference center. The security hired for the summit, Saunders Global Security, are the ones responsible for the attack. They've taken over the whole facility.

Walker: Understood. Let's go!

Walker: Dammit!

Walker: Got to check those corners.

Walker: Friendlies! Hold your fire.

Walker: Do we know what's on the other side?

US Soldier: Negative. Command's requested a surgical strike, instead of bombarding the beach.

Walker: Stack the door; prepare for breach, and clear. Once in, move to cover, then neutralize all hostiles. Ready?

Knight: Walker, UAV's have been deployed to provide aerial support.

Walker: Form on me!

Walker: Blake, over here!

Walker: Knight, top of the wall has been secured.

Walker: Blake, use your tablet to call up the Paragon missile. Take out the wall.

Walker: Heads up! Missile strike!

Walker: Good job, but we have more work to do. Let's go.

Knight: Walker, move up the road and link up with lieutenant Downs.

Downs: Come on, get in! Blake, you're in the back. Walker, ride shotgun.

Knight: Lieutenant, air support is limited until you destroy those anti-aircraft vehicles. After that, move to extraction.

Walker: Copy that, Knight. We're mobile.

Downs: What the hell is going on? Mercenaries taking VIP hostages?

Walker: Yeah, and right after everything that went down in Seattle and Moscow.

Downs: Shit!

Downs: Crap! Here we go again.

Walker: Go, go, go!

Downs: Hold on to your shit.

Downs: Hang on. This should work.

Walker: Taking fire! Eliminate those tangos!

Downs: Under fire. Take out the hostiles.

Downs: That's a kill.

Downs: Fuck!

Downs: This private military company, SGS -- they have branches all over the world, right? Could this be some kind of coup?

Walker: Could be. They're mercenaries. That means we need to figure out who the client is.

Downs: Holy fuck. Chopper inbound!

Downs: Hang on, boys!

(If the player shoots down the helicopter:

Downs: Good shot.


Walker: You out of your damn mind?


Downs: Holy fuck. Who are these clowns?

Walker: Identify and neutralize tangos. Let's go!

Walker: Area clear.

Downs: Shit. Check out this anti-air battery -- even the U.S. military doesn't have these. I got this one.

Downs: Get back! Move!

Walker: Thanks, Downs. Okay, they know we're here. Get ready.

Walker: Taking fire! Eliminate those tangos!

Downs: Under fire. Take out the hostiles.

Walker: It's clear.

Walker: Regroup! Let's go! Knight, area is too hot, we need air support.

Knight: I can't deliver it until that second AA vehicle is gone.

Walker: Confirmed. Let's locate and eliminate the anti-air.

Walker: Flanking maneuvers! / Look for alternate paths! / Find another way through! / Hit them from the side!

Downs: Blake, use the RPG, now! Okay, now take out the anti-air!

Knight: Air support inbound. Make your way to the hotel for extraction. Your team is urgently needed at the site of the conference.

Walker: Understood.

Walker: Flanking maneuvers! / Look for alternate paths! / Find another way through! / Hit them from the side!

Walker: Reinforcements are inbound.

US Soldier: Friendlies!

Walker: Area clear.

Knight: Walker, the mercenaries have locked down the conference center. The President has been taken hostage. We've intercepted chatter indicating that the SGS mercenaries plan to execute him.

Walker: Shit. This situation isn't going to unfuck itself.

Downs: Watch out!

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